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Yolanda Mercer, a resident of Raleigh, NC is a licensed Elder under the leadership of Pastor Chance and Christina Lynch.  As a licensed Elder of the gospel, Yolanda Mercer has dedicated her message to inspire and encourage others in their journey through life.  Through this vision she has developed into a preacher shifting one atmosphere at a time.  

As an educator, she has always considered herself to be a lifelong learner while pursuing a Bachelors in Education, Masters in Counseling, Masters in Divinity, and Doctorate in Education. In her quest to release the strategies God has placed in her, she offers classes and challenges for aspiring coaches, speakers, and authors.

Life Coach

As a certified Life Coach, her love for Christ is evoked as she strives to be in His image, in His presence, and desire His perfect will for her life.  Her vision is to create a plan and execute goals for growth in perception and purpose in a 4 week coaching program called A.S.P.I.R.E.  Through her coaching, Yolanda strives to release encouragement that there is power in the perception of your process.  


Life Coach

There is power in the perception of your process.

Are you ready to change the perception of your process?  

Let me help you shift your perception and gain a clear plan of your purpose.

  Career Goals 

Self Goals

Relationship Goals

Fitness Goals

Ministry Goals

Through this 4 week coaching program you will gain clarity of your vision and purpose in life.

You will understand the power of confidence to show up differently & honor your purpose.

You will shift your perception of yourself and your ability to achieve.

You will create an authentic outline of your life that best serves you and others.

You will drop all obligation to take ownership of other's opinions & articulate positive affirmations about oneself.

You will find comfort in redefining success for yourself.

What if you knew there were businesses inside of you?  

Wouldn't you desire to unlock those strategies?

What if you knew you possessed gifts lying dormant?  

Wouldn't you desire to activate those gifts?

What if you knew you were right on the brink of your purpose?  

Wouldn't you desire to develop a plan and be encouraged in the process?



What's in Store?



Live Virtual Weekly One On One Coaching Sessions


Weekly Challenges and Exercises


Daily Affirmations And Motivation


Group Motivational Sessions


Access to Private Membership & Facebook Group


A.S.P.I.R.E. Coaching 



1 Hour Coaching Session


1 Hour Coaching Session



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